KOBN Decade Ambassadors

About Company
World Wide 3 online: 4 years

The KOBN exits: 1) to build and develop a socially professional organization bridging former Kemper Students, Faculty, and Family. 2) To unify alumni across generations and organizations in order to preserve our past and to ensure our common “Old Boy” legacy. 3) To leverage the “Network” in order to build and promote opportunities for Kemper Old Boys and future generations. 3) To promote and maintain values that were taught to us and further instilled when we signed the Standard of Honor. We honor God, Home, School, and Country.

Job Details
Decade Ambassador
< $20,000

A Decade Ambassador is an Old Boy that has the unique skill as a connector of people. These ambassadors will be primarily responsible for connecting with other Old Boys to inform them abut the KOBN and to disseminate KOBN news and event information. Every decade will have two ambassadors. Our goal is to support the organization by supporting your skills, talents, and resources to help the KOBN achieve its mission.

Skills & Requirements

Connectors make change happen through people. They galvanize people. They’re natural hubs. That’s just the way they’re oriented to the world. These are people who, every time you ask a question, start flipping a Rolodex in the back of their mind, saying, “Who do I know who knows this? Who do I know who has done this? Who do I know that I need to connect you with?” They love connecting you with people because they’re all about the people. You might be a connector if: 1) You are constantly referring people to the right expert or service to solve their problem. 2) You love networking and talking with people, just for the sake of doing it. 3) When you’re talking to people, they say, “Wow — you know everyone!” 4) The stories you tell always focus on the people, not the ideas or the sizzle.

  • Attend monthly stated virtual meetings
  • Attend special meetings
  • Self-starter that can organize and execute projects that will specifically achieve the goals and objectives of the KOBN
  • Good grasp of modern communications and technology.