Pathfinder Beta – Cristie Rhorer Coles

I’m so excited about being a part of the Kemper Old Boy Network! By serving as a “Pathfinder “ my personal mission is to assist in bringing Old Boys together and to preserve Kemper’s legacy. I was born in Boonville, Missouri, but I’ve lived in the Dallas/Ft. Worth area most of my life. My father worked at Kemper in the 1970s and then once again when the school shut down in 2002 as a TAC Officer. Joel Rhorer, my younger brother attended high school as a cadet and I was a college day student. I married my Kemper sweetheart, Darrin Coles, after being apart for almost 30 years.

I have so many memories of Kemper that it’s hard to just mention one. I guess one of my favorite memories was being “Co-Master of Ceremony” for the Kemper Variety Show in 1992. I was so nervous. I remember being amazed at all the talent of my fellow classmates. Some sang beautiful songs, some danced and others performed hilarious skits. We all came together and worked so hard to make it a success!

After I left Kemper, I went back to Dallas and immediately began working. I worked in a multitude of office roles from an Oil and Gas
Company to Blockbuster’s Corporate Headquarters in the marketing/advertising departments. But I eventually became a Realtor in 2012 and I absolutely love what I do. I have a teenage son. He is my only child and believe me when I say this – he is my baby. He is such a blessing to my life and I take great pride in being the best mother I can be.

I believe in this world that “You Get What You Give”. This has two meanings. If you treat someone badly, they will more than likely return the favor. Also – What you put into something will reflect on what you get back. Always put your all in everything you do.

I AM a Kemper Old Boy! 

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